SMF Batteries

Premium SMF Battery of European Engineering Standards

Our Sealed Maintenance Free (SMF) batteries are a game changer when it comes to batteries that offer superior storage capacity and efficient rechargeability. Featuring silver-calcium high-tin alloy grids, the SMF battery is made with only the highest quality battery components and the most durable materials available on the market today.

Designed and manufactured to European engineering standards, SMF batteries deliver pure power that you can feel in the smoothness of your drive.

SMF Key Benefits

  • Larger plates and modified grid design for enhanced electricity flows
  • Designed and manufactured to European standards
  • Superior start-up voltage for more powerful ignition
  • Highest battery power capacity on the market (Tested by TM Magazine, outperforming 17 competitors’ batteries)

Why Choose SMF Batteries?

The SMF battery has consistently outperformed many renowned European brands, including Varta, Exide, Energie and Bosch. Don’t just take our word for it. SMF batteries have been awarded 5-Stars on two separate occasions by TM Magazine in Finland (2006, 2009) and recognized as the best all-round battery in Europe for its excellent reliability and performance in extreme Scandinavian weather.


Our fully integrated technology ensures that SMF batteries delivers not only unmatched performance but also optimal safety.

Flash Arrestor


This safety mechanism is designed to reverse the flow of gas back into the battery, preventing any damage to the battery or possible explosion.

Power Eye Indicator


Most batteries on the market today provide no indication of when their life is coming to an end. In contrast, SILVERTECH’s ‘Power Eye’ technology makes it easy to check your battery’s health in just a few simple steps.

100% Pure PP Copolymer Shell


Our batteries are designed to endure weather extremities anywhere across the world. Designed from UV resistant materials, the 100% pure copolymer shell provides the strength and durability required for ultimate performance and safety.

Microporous PE Separator


Prevents any potential gas leakage and safeguards against short-circuiting. This is designed from PE GRADE A++

Click Lock Handle


This simple yet functionally designed handle allows you to store and carry your battery with ease.

Labyrinth Sealed Lid


Designed to prevent leakages, this inner lid makes it nearly impossible for liquids to escape.

100% Silver Infused Plates


Our SILVERTECH technology guarantees a faster charge, greater storage capacity and extended battery lifespan. With superior industry technology, we are setting the benchmark for battery manufacturing.